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4 Ayurvedic Principles For Long Lasting Beauty & Radiance

Makeup and the so-called “skincare” products can only do so much.You need something extra to restore your natural radiance from within. Here are four ways to enhance your beauty naturally through Ayurveda.

Have a fixed sleep cycle – In Ayurveda, fixed sleep cycle is necessary for every dosha type. Sleep rejuvenates your skin and enhances melanin production, which is responsible for even skin tone and helps eliminates various skin problems like wrinkles, dull skin, blackheads etc. Thus, a regular schedule of sound sleep is essential for glowing skin.

Start the day right:

Your skin reflects the balance between your doshas. Therefore, it is essential to keep your doshas in balance and rid your skin of the toxins. Ayurveda suggests that drinking lukewarm water with half a lemon will work as great detox and will give your immune system a boost.

Eat according to your doshas:

While we all know how harmful junk food is for our skin, did you know there are specific diets for specific doshas? For optimum health and glowing skin, it is vital to recognize the types of food that aggravate your stomach. For instance, Vatas should consume foods which are easily digestible, whereas Pittas should avoid spicy, hot, oily, fried, salty and fermented foods. Kapha should avoid overindulgence and stick to low-fat foods.

Skincare regime according to your Dosha:

As explained, every dosha entails a distinct skin type, hence different skin problems. For instance, Vatas are generally known to have dull and dry skin, Pittas tend to struggle with breakouts, and Kaphas suffer from oily skin and enlarged pores. Therefore, it is essential to find and stick to the skincare routine that is suitable for your dosha.

While you may not cease to slather yourselves with those oh-so-natural products, these Ayurvedic tips are worth a chance. Try these, and you will have the secret to long lasting glow.

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