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Bathing the Right Way to Improve Your Beauty

Ayurveda sees bathing as a rejuvenating therapy. Therefore, bathing is the best way to begin your dincharya, the daily routine. A leisurely bath relaxes tense muscles, opens clogged pores, restore moisture to the skin and adds healing dimension to your day.

Ancient Ayurveda has the evidence of the comfort and pleasure bath consisting of rose petals, milk, honey and turmeric, preceded by luxurious full body warm oil massage and followed by applying rich sandalwood paste and floral water on the skin. This lavish and long bath was designed to restore the balance of body, mind and spirit.

The modern and fast lifestyle of today doesn’t give the liberty to indulge in such extravagant baths. But, to pamper the hard-working body a good half-an-hour bath therapy, if not daily, at least on alternate days can be and should be managed.

All you need is massage oil for Abhyanga, herb-based soap for cleaning and soft cotton towels.

  • Abhyanga is the ayurvedic self-body-massage that you do at least fifteen minutes before the bath for five minutes. This massage moisturizes and strengthens all the seven types tissues. Also, endows you with energy for the day, and maintain body and mind balance.

  • Cleaning the skin is a vital part of bath routine, it removes sweat, dirt and other environmental toxins from the body surface. A herbal cleanser or soap helps the process of rehydration by clearing the pores, so that, the skin can absorb the adequate amount of water molecules. Also, the antibacterial properties of a herbal soap tone and nourish your skin, keeping it healthy and germ-free.

  • After the bath, use a soft cotton towel to soak off the excess water on the body. Do not rub the cloth on the skin but gently pat it. Also, apply Jiva Citrus Lotion to the body, when you are dry, its herbal extract of lemon and orange removes excess oils and brings out the skin's natural glow.

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