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4 Things to Do Achieve Healthy Hair & Nails

According to Ayurveda, hair (kesh) and nails (nakh) are considered the by-product of bone metabolism. They’re also classified as malas (body waste), but their state can also be indicative of good / bad health.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your hair stays glossy and your nails look healthy at all points of time.

Include healthy fats in your diet:

Contrary to what you may think, a fat-free diet can do more harm than good. Healthy fats like the ones found in ghee and olive oil help develop and strengthen the bones. Since nail and hair are considered a byproduct of bone metabolism, strong bones can lead to healthy hair and strong nails.

Have calcium and vitamin D:

One of the reasons for lacklustre hair and brittle nails can be can be the deficiency of Vitamin D and calcium. Calcium helps nourish the bone tissues, and Vitamin D helps the body in the absorption of calcium. Along with including calcium-rich foods like coconut milk, walnuts, spinach, sesame seeds, and dairy products, like milk, fresh yoghurt, and paneer, in your diet, try spending some time soaking in the sun.

Hot oil massages:

Harsh shampoos and hair products strip your hair of its lustre? Hot oil massages work wonders to revive dry, dull hair. Massaging your scalp with warm oil, such as Bhringraj Hair Oil or Amla Hair Oil stimulates hair growth and moisturizes the scalp and hair. To strengthen your brittle nails, rub a few drops of olive oil on your cuticles every night before going to bed. The Vitamin E in it makes your nails healthy and shiny.

Avoid processed and deep-fried foods:

Including healthy fats and hot oil massages are not enough. Get ready to give up on deep fried or processed foods that are full of sugar and unhealthy fats. These foods are difficult to digest and create ama in the body. And since the presence of ama in fat tissue can weaken bone production, it is important to have a balanced diet.

Your hair and nails require care just like every other part of the body. With regular love and attention, you’ll see a visible change - your hair will start shining and your nails will become strong. So, make sure you follow these tips

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