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5 Ayurvedic remedies for beautiful skin

The need to look beautiful has remained constant throughout generations and civilizations. Flip the pages of history, and you will find thousands of anecdotes of how great Queens and princesses went to great lengths to stay beautiful and tried everything that they could lay their hands upon to beat the effect of time on their skin. If you observe closely, in many of these cases, one thing is common, and that is the role of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic skin care regimen and Ayurvedic medicine for glowing skin has been designed by people around the globe throughout centuries, and now they are here for you to try out.

Know your dosha to be truly beautiful

The first step in becoming truly beautiful Mister first understand your dosha and then proceed with finding the right beauty regiment that Ayurveda recommends according to doshic profile. this can be done easily with the help of many online dosha evaluation tests , one of which is also present on Jiva Ayurveda website. Once you know your dosha, it becomes more easy to take a more comprehensive approach in changing your lifestyle and beauty regimen. 

But if you want to get started right away, here are a few simple and easy Ayurvedic home remedies for beautiful skin that you can try at home today. 

  1. Hydrate and Moisturize

60% of the human body is made of water. When amount goes down, gradually it starts showing on the skin as well as in other parts of the body Inter strip off some health disorder. Dry skin, wrinkles another problems are very common when the skin is not properly moisturised or hydrated. I will be the does not recommend the principle of drinking 8 glasses of water every day, instead it says that you must drink whenever you feel thirsty and as many times as your body demands it. The Ayurvedic principle of digestive fire holds true that if you drink too much water unnecessarily, it can extinguish the fire and lead to digestive problems. Therefore, only drink when you feel Thursday. Now coming to the point of moisturising your skin, do it as frequently as your skin need it. But first, remember to properly clean the dust, grime and that that accumulates on top of the previously applied coat of moisturizer.   

  1. Start Eating According To Your Nature

no matter how much customer take you apply on your skin, if you are not eating according to your nature, it will not help you have beautiful skin. Many people make the mistake of eating too much oily, or dry food which does not suit their nature and therefore leads to difference can problem such as pimples, acne and dry flaking skin full form in order to eat according to your nature, Understand your prakruti first. This is very easy there are many online tests that you can take and find out what your nature is. After that, make a diet plan that suits your doshic-profile and then stick to it throughout your lifetime. When you come for Ayurvedic treatment for skin problems hey this is one of the most commonly recommended Ayurvedic beauty tip. 

  1. Help Your Body Eliminate Toxins

The acne and pimple that you see on your skin, is a result of toxins in your body which could not be eliminated by your body. in the old times, people used to say that there is something dirty in the stomach which is creating the skin problems. In a way, that is true. Toxins are produced everyday by the food that remains undigested and cannot be eliminated by the body. Over time, the toxic material starts travelling upward through the blood channels and gets deposited on the skin which blocks the sweat glands, which leads to skin problems such as pimples, acne black heads, whiteheads etc. In order to avoid all that, help your body cleans itself regularly. You can do that by drinking lemon tea, or lemon juice in warm water on an empty stomach in the morning. If you are constipated, eat a little triphala powder before going to bed at night. Also make it a point to drink a lot of water throughout the day, this will help your body to eliminate the toxic material through urine.

  1. Stress Is Your Enemy, Defeat It!

the cleansing mechanism of your body depends a lot on your psychological health status. Work related stress, or regular life related stress can throw your cleaning mechanism out of whack. This is very common in all the normal cases of skin problems, especially in people above the age of 30. If you have started seeing a lot of skin problems recently, then take a moment to evaluate your stress, as well as find out how you can manage that, because other than just skin problems, stress can do a lot of harm to your body. Having said that, stress is also associated with teenagers who are going through a specific stage in their life which is usually filled with stressful events. Therefore, if you're a teenager, it is also necessary that you take a moment to find out whether the stresses you are taking are even necessary or not! Many times in life, we end up taking unnecessary stress which creates skin problems, as well as other health problems that become complicated overtime.

If It Needs Treatment, Get Treatment!

A common mistake that is done by people with skin problems is that they ignore their big skin problems like psoriasis by applying some over-the-counter cosmetic product. Not only does this cover up the problem without addressing the underlying cause, many times this creates other complications which eventually becomes very expensive to deal with later on. Therefore, try ayurvedic medicine for psoriasis & other natural home remedies for your skin problem instead of applying very harsh chemical products. And, most importantly get Ayurvedic treatment for skin problems if it is required. Hiding behind costly cosmetic products will only make your skin age faster, and often irreparably.

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