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5 Best Ways to Get Rid of Dandruff

Ayurvedic hair spas are a great place to get your hair problems such as dandruff and hair fall treated. The problem is that no one can afford to go to a hair spa every day for a daily Hair Care routine! It's prohibitively expensive, and it gets in the way of our daily life. Wouldn't it be easier if we do the same at home easily without making the time to go to a spa? As it turns out, Ayurveda has a host of easy to do things that you can do at home without spending a lot of money on spas. Here is a list of step by step Hair Care routines that will save you time and money!

Before we begin

Recreating the spa experience at home might be a little difficult given your space and the infrastructure that you have at home, however you can make do with whatever you have and recreate some of the experience, if not all of it. It is very important to keep yourself calm and relaxed, the cornerstone of a spa experience, which will eventually add to your overall  sense of wellbeing. Play a little music, light your aromatic diffuser, and get in the mood! 

Things to remember

To make the best of your home Hair Care Spa experience,  try to follow as many of these tips and tricks if possible.

  1. Get rid of all distractions, including your kids if possible for a few  hours. The best time for a hair spa is when your kids are at school.
  2. Take a light meal the day before to make sure that everybody has a chance at detoxification. This is important, it will help your body absorb the benefits of the herbs in hair masks that you are going to apply in the next few steps.
  3. It is important to keep regularity in using these remedies and solutions. It is highly recommended that you add these in your daily Hair Care routine minus the music and diffuser!

Step-by-step daily hair care routine

  1. Start with a Champi:  A 20-minute hair massage with nourishing hair oil success coconut oil or sesame oil is very helpful in activating the blood cells underneath the scalp which not only provides nutrition to your hair cells, but also makes it easy for you to get rid of dandruff and dirt deposited at the root. 
  2. Sip on an Ayurvedic Tea: Cortisol level raised due to stress and anxiety has a direct correlation with hair loss as well as other hair and skin problems. It is very important to stay calm and relaxed, especially during the hair spa routine when you are putting a lot of time and effort into it. Staying calm is very simple,  just sip on a cup of Ayurvedic tea after you have applied oil on your hair. 
  3.  Hibiscus-Oatmeal hair mask:  After the oil has settled down for 20 minutes, wash it away  with normal room temperature water, and wipe and dry with a soft towel, remembering not to pull too hard on your hair.  Pat gently on your hair with a towel to suck out all the water but do not use a hair dryer because you need your help to be soft and moist for the next step. Preparing the hair mask is as simple as it sounds. Take 2-3 Hibiscus flowers, if you do not get a fresh flower, you can also use dried petals of the flower.  Next, take a cup of oatmeal (any packaged oatmeal will do) put everything through the grinder and make a fine paste of both the ingredients. You can also add a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and half a cup of yoghurt along with 2 chopped Amlas to give it the right consistency. Apply The Mask with your fingers and let it do its work for at least 30 to 45 minutes.
  4. Lemon juice hair wash: The next step is to wash away the hair mask, but since this is a hair spa we will do it a little differently! Take 2 fresh lemons and squeeze the juice into half a litre of lukewarm water and mix it well. Now, step into your bathroom and take a palm-full of the juice and apply it on your hair. continuously massage the juice into your hair, making sure to remove the previous mask during this process. Take your time and apply all the juice to as deep to the scalp as you can. 
  5. Wash off with herbal shampoo: Finally, wash it off with lukewarm water and use an Ayurvedic Herbal shampoo for best results. Remember to keep your hair wrapped in a moist towel for the next 10 minutes and then open it to allow your hair to dry naturally. Do not use a hair dryer.


These Hair Care daily routine steps will help you keep your hair soft, shiny and strong and also prevent the problems of hair fall and dandruff to a great extent.  Having said that, you must remember that certain hair problems require professional advice and even treatment for relief. 

If you do not see your hair problem going away, do not delay and make sure to consult an expert Jiva Ayurveda doctor for personalized treatment and medicines at your earliest convenience.


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