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5 Fun Activities That Help Your Child Grow & Thrive

A child’s brain is like a sponge - absorbing everything they can with all their five senses. They go to school and learn heaps of things. However, there are some things that children cannot learn through textbooks alone. Here are a few fun activities that you should try:

After-school Clubs:

Allow your child to enrol in different school clubs. It could be anything - from gardening to drama to even self-defence. Let them choose the club according to their interests. That way, they learn something new and enjoy the time spent doing so. These clubs are also a great place for them to meet new kids and make new friends.

Outdoor Games:

Children who spend time playing outdoor games learn the importance of fair play and team spirit. In addition, it keeps them physically fit and helps in the development of their bodies. It’s even better if you played a few games with them every day. This way, the bond between you and your child grows stronger. And as they see you practising the values of sportsmanship, it prompts them to do the same.

Observing Nature:

Children should be encouraged to observe animals, birds, trees, and flowers. This allows them to appreciate the world around them and enjoy the simple beauties of nature and it’s creations. In addition, it also teaches them about animals and birds and the cycle of seasons.

Learn musical instruments:

Several studies show that children who learn how to play a musical instrument tend to have a higher IQ. Apart from that, your child will learn a new skill that is fun and also learn the values of practice, dedication and persistence.

Go to interesting places:

Instead of always heading off to the mall, why don’t you take your kid to somewhere more interesting, like the zoo, museum, parks, and galleries. Not only is this a welcome break from fast food joints and materialistic culture, they’re you’re able to expose them to a variety of new things.

Remember, if you want to see your children bloom beautifully, they will need both sunshine and rain, and a lot of good care.

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