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Ayurvedic Dinacharya Tips to Help You Beat Stress

Our generation is almost always going through a stressful phase. Late nights at work, early meetings, and crazy social life are just a few factors that contribute to our daily stress. But the major reason for your stress is lack of a fixed routine. Our ancestors never had to worry about stress because they followed a strict dicharya that they followed religiously. This helps keep the doshas in balance, regulates the body’s biological clock, promotes discipline and happiness, and relieves stress. Now that you know the importance of Ayurvedic dinacharya, here’s an early morning routine that can help you beat stress.

Wake up Early:

Our biological clock is tuned to the rising and the setting of the sun, so waking up at dawn can benefit your mind and your body. And, when you wake up before sunrise, the nature’s Sattvik qualities can relax your mind and freshen up your senses.

Do Pranayama:

Practicing pranayama, or deep breathing, helps regulate Vata dosha, aids digestion and cleanses the body of any impurities. Deep breathing is an excellent physical and mental exercise that helps relax and rejuvenate the mind and body.

Perform Abhyanga:

Abhangya or self-massage is one of the ancient methods used in Ayurveda to beat stress. Massaging your temples, scalp, forehead, hands, and feet for 5 min every morning can awaken your senses, promote overall well being, delay ageing, and rid the body of any toxins.

Practise Surya Namaskar:

Light exercises in the morning, like performing yoga or Surya Namaskar improves strength, endurance, and blood circulation. It also helps you relax, eliminates stiffness from the body, reduces body fat, and promotes a sense of well being.

Listen to Serene Music:

Music has been used for thousands of years as a therapy to reduce anxiety and stress. Listening to serene, soothing music in the morning has a calming and therapeutic effect on your mind, and it will keep you feeling relaxed throughout the day.

Follow these tips to establish a healthy dinacharya. It is the key to achieving a stress-free lifestyle that promotes health and keeps diseases at bay.

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