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Ayurvedic Tips To Follow During Weight Loss

Before you decide to try those shady treatments or turn to medicines for help, try these easy-to-follow ayurvedic tips for weight loss –

Early to bed, early to rise

In Ayurveda, the time on which you wake up and go to bed matters, rather than clocking eight hours of sleep. The reason being, last phase of our 24-hour body clock is from 2 to 6 a.m, which is the period of Vata, or movement. To keep your body in sync with nature, Ayurveda recommends waking up before sunrise, when there is natural movement in the atmosphere.

Three meals

In Ayurveda, it is advised to have no more than three meals. Contrary to popular belief, a healthy breakfast, scrumptious lunch and a light dinner are recommended instead of multiple meals. This helps the body assimilate what is ingested.

Go Natural

We seldom realize it, but mother nature provides us with everything we need. Instead of opting for synthetic medicines, choose for ayurvedic aushadhi and herbal remedies.


Water improves the overall health and helps in weight loss, but drinking water in between, before and after your meals have the opposite effect. It leads to bloating, poor digestion and subsequently weight gain. Whereas, if you sip warm water throughout the day not only detoxifies the body but also aids digestion.

The goal is not just weight loss, and it’s the overall wellbeing that matters. And the ancient science of Ayurveda provides us with means to shed off stubborn fat without any side effect. For more information talk to our doctor today.

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