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Banish Cracked Lips and Be Pout-ready For Your Selfies with These Tips

Winters mean warm blankets, mellow sunshine, and a hot cup of tea. But it also means sore throat, running nose, and cracked lips! Fortunately, we have some easy Ayurvedic tips to treat those painfully parched lips and make them soft and luscious. After all, you’ll want to keep that pout intact for all the selfies you’re going to take this holiday season, right?

1. Rosy Lips Take one tablespoon each of rosewater and honey and mix them well. Use this as a natural gloss and walk out of home with that confident shine on your lips. Note: If the mix becomes too thick, add a little bit of rosewater to it bring it to the consistency you want.

2. Crushed Cucumber Take a medium sized cucumber and peel it. Cut it into small pieces and crush to a paste. Press this paste through a sieve and collect the juice in a small cup. Apply to your lips and let it dry. Wash off after half an hour for super soft lips!

3. Show Me the Butter! Every night before you go to bed, apply butter to your lips. Leave it overnight and wash off with warm water in the morning. Butter is nature’s equivalent of Vaseline. It will keep your lips protected from the cold and help keep them moisturized.

4. Other Useful Products Mustard oil, glycerin, castor oil, and Aloe vera all have natural moisturizing and nourishing properties. They can all be used to treat your cracked lips. Just make sure you don’t use all of them at the same time!

Now smile, pout, and take that gorgeous photo of yourself!

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