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Capture Your Child?s Emotions Through Questions

Everything that we see, hear, or do elicits an emotional response from us, and when it’s stored in our memory, the emotion it inspired is stored along with it. The importance of engaging your child’s emotions is to ensure that they grow up to be emotionally sound and capable of having healthy emotional responses to their environment.

Asking fun and interesting questions that make your children think and want to answer will help them express their emotions and have an engaging conversation. This exercise will build your child’s emotional quotient and encourage them to think creatively.

Here are some suggestions you can ask your kid:

  • What was the best part of your day?

  • How did you do in today’s test, class discussion?

  • What was something that made you laugh today?

  • What sport did you play today? What happened during the game?

  • How are your friends doing?

  • Do you wish you could reverse time and redo some part of your day?

  • Did you like your lunch? Did you share it with your classmates? What did they bring?

  • Did you help anyone today or did anyone help you?

  • Did you learn anything interesting today?

  • What was the most ridiculous thing that happened during your day?

  • What was something funny that you said today?

  • Did your teacher say something interesting today?

Get as creative with your questions as you can, and before long they’ll be asking you fun questions in return. This will foster a good relationship between you, and give birth to a relationship that’s closer and more engaging than the average parent-child relationship.

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