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Change your lifestyle if you are diagnosed with diabetes

Are you experiencing symptoms of constant hunger, excessive urination, dry mouth, delayed healing of simple wounds like cuts and bruises, etc? Does anybody in your family have a history of diabetes? You should have a check of your blood glucose levels, especially if you are over 40 years of age. In case you do not follow a healthy lifestyle, the chances of contracting sugar diabetes are higher.

Understand the enormity of the situation:

Is it a cause for worry? Unfortunately, it is. But, you can keep your diabetes in check by maintaining a strict diet and changing your lifestyle. Ayurveda can also help you in this regard. Let us look at the different types of diabetes and see how changes to the lifestyle can help you tide over the problem.

Different types of Diabetes:

Diabetes Mellitus is primarily of two types, Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. Now, you should know the difference between the two.

Type 1-Diabetes is when your pancreas stops producing the insulin required for the body. Hence, it is insulin related diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes is non-insulin related diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is more of a lifestyle problem than a disease.

Ayurveda looks at diabetes from a different perspective. They consider diabetes as a result of the imbalance of the Doshas, Vata, Kapha, and Pitta. Type 1 diabetes is a result of the imbalance of the Vata Dosha whereas the Type 2 diabetes is a result of the imbalance of the Kapha Dosha. The Kapha Dosha consists of earth and water elements while the Vata Dosha relates to fire elements.

Lifestyle Modifications for Diabetes:

You can control Type 2 diabetes with weight management, proper nutrition, and physical exercise. However, you should also ensure to check your blood sugar levels at regular intervals because there are chances of this disease developing into Type 1 diabetes. This is because you can have a high content of glucose in your blood. This condition is known as hyperglycaemia.

You should ensure to make the following changes to your lifestyle. - Exercise regularly to keep your weight in check - Reduce consumption of alcohol and caffeinated drinks to prevent the occurrence of polyuria. - Refrain from smoking as it can cause complications - Have a regulated diet with proper nutrition


As diabetes is a lifestyle issue, making changes to your lifestyle can help you combat this problem & if you are looking for best long term solution , consult with jiva doctor to get the best ayurvedic treatment for diabetes

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