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Good Habits to Keep Your Hair Strong and Healthy

The condition of our hair is a reflection of our complete physical state. In Ayurveda, there are two major factors, Ahara & Vihara i.e. diet, and lifestyle that influence our body and thus, the health of our hair. Irregular dietary habits, poor diet, illness and deficiency of nutrients affects the quality of our hair, and leads to issues like Dandruff, pattern baldness and premature graying. In addition to being a genetic problem, hair fall can be caused by a variety of factors. Ayurveda provides comprehensive home care routines to problems like hair loss and premature graying which are effective as well as safe. In this article, you will find out that what healthy habits one should follow to keep hair healthy and strong.

1. Massaging the scalp on a regular basis

Always keep your hair and scalp clean and neat to reduce hair problems. Avoid heavy chemical based shampoos and soaps and prefer herbal products. Excessive use of shampoo will lead to dryness and make your hair harsh. Use lukewarm and fresh water to clean up your hair, too much hot water loosens the roots of the hair and will cause to hair fall. Use natural conditioners like Shikakai or Reetha after you wash your hair with natural or herbal shampoo. Regular and thorough brushing is also of great importance. Brushing will stimulate oil glands which are naturally present in your scalp and this natural oil will make your hair healthy and glossy.

2. Choose a healthy diet for better hair

Food plays an important role when it comes to health of your hair. Consume food that will be rich of proteins and carbs. Water together with food is advisable, we will not say that don’t consume water while having food but one should drink proper amount of water to keep hair strong and healthy. Keeping ama levels decreased that is toxin levels is good for hair health. Protein rich diet will keep keratin levels potent for better hair health.

3. Give your body proper rest

Ayurveda suggest proper rest for healthy hair. Your body makes new cells to replace old cells, every day. The hair on your scalp is also a tissue (byproduct of Asthi Dhatu) that grows regularly. When you rest well, your body gets the opportunity to produce new hair tissues.

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