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Five Rules of Weight Management in Ayurveda

Obesity is one of the most common lifestyle diseases and the main factor which leads to it is our taste buds and habits. Gaining weight does not only affect us physically but also leaves an impact on our emotional plane. It lowers the confidence, makes us lethargic and also is a base foundation of other serious health illness.

Many diet plans come up but are difficult to follow or we just find them to strict to maintain throughout.

Ayurveda lays emphasis on the overall wellness and just not the diet. If a person is emotionally fit, he can work toward the physical wellness enthusiastically and achieve it soon. Below are mentioned five tips according to Ayurvedic science, on how to manage weight.

Plan your meals:

Digestion plays a very important role in maintaining a good health. According to Ayurveda, we should eat a heavy meal in the noon, as it is at that time the digestive fire is the strongest.

Dinner should be light and be taken 2 hours before the sleeping time. This is how our body gets time to rejuvenate and detoxify itself.

Sleep routine:

It is observed that irregular sleeping patterns lead to weight gain. Not getting enough sleep leads to various other health problem. Therefore getting a sleep of 8 hours is very necessary and, it is best if you sleep at 10 pm and until 6 am.


According to Ayurveda morning exercise is the most effective as it is the time when water and earth elements are high in the environment, these when combined create coolness, inertia, and slowness. 30 -40 minutes of exercise in the morning helps counteract sluggishness and prepare our mind for a new day.

Hot water:

Hot water is an excellent natural remedy for weight loss. Various external sources such as pollution, pesticides, processed food, anxiety lead to accumulation of toxins in the name of ‘ama’ in the body. The sticky nature of ama can be dissolved in hot water and can be removed from the body. Regular sips of hot water every half an hour can prove to be a magical remedy for weight loss.


Stress is the main cause of weight gain, as the stress hormone reduces the ability to lose weight. Meditation is a method to bring down the level of this hormone and initiate weight loss.

Healthy digestive system and mind are what we should aim to achieve a healthy weight.

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