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Goal-setting & Its Importance for Children

Children, like adults, need goals to stay focused during their growing years. These goals instil discipline and give them a sense of purpose. They now have something definite to work towards instead of whiling away their time in unimportant activities.

Here are some of the other benefits of goal setting for children:

  • Keeps them motivated

  • Improves confidence

  • Builds self-esteem

  • Teaches them decision-making skills

  • Helps them learn basic planning & execution

Now that we’ve understood the importance of goal-setting, here are some types of goals you should help your children set.

Academic Goals

  • Learning a new language

  • Getting higher marks in a subject or top ranking in their class

Extra-curricular Goals

  • Encourage them to prepare for a solo dance performance in a school function

  • Develop a blog/website and upload their own writing, within a specified time

Personal Goals

  • Controlling their temper

  • Cleaning their room every Sunday

Financial Goals

  • Save money to buy their favourite toys

  • Help their parents with basic budgeting of things like buying fruits and milk

Social Goals

  • Planting and encouraging others to plant trees

  • Helping illiterate children to read

Family Goals

  • Speaking to elderly family members on a regular basis

  • Collecting photos and making albums of important occasions

Parents have an important role in guiding their children in making their own list of goals. Tell your kids about the importance of goals in their life. If they’re confused, spend time with them and help them understand their aspirations, passions, desires, and interests so that they can chart their own course to success.

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