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Home Calendar: An Effective Tool to Teach Children Planning & Scheduling

A calendar is one of the oldest and easiest techniques used to organise chores and keep the family updated on upcoming events and activities. These calendars can contain holidays, test date, vacations and so on. The ones that have time slots are especially recommended, for they’re useful in allocating a certain amount of time per day to activities and chores. Have your children participate actively in the actual planning process, which adds to their scheduling skills and increases productivity.

Listed below are a few reasons why you should regularly maintain a calendar at home:

  • It teaches your kids to create and execute actual plans, which in turn, helps them realise their goals

  • It helps create definite and practical routines. This is the first step towards educational planning. If you involve your kids in the process, it teaches them to recognize a schedule to reach their desired destination.

  • It turns you into a role model for your children. When you follow your routine, it motivates them to follow theirs. Make sure you check on their progress from time to time to ensure they’re on track with their goals.

  • It increases productivity. To-do lists and prioritising techniques help a lot, especially if your kids engage in extra-curricular activities, academic achievements, and hobbies. These techniques make them respect deadlines too.

  • Calendars teach children to assess themselves by tracking their progress and evaluating reasons why they missed deadlines or fell behind. Healthy self-assessment helps them better themselves.

As you can see, involving your kids in genuine family planning is one of the best ways to turn them into active go-getters instead of being passive thinkers. And then, a simple thing like a calendar helps healthy character development and time management.

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