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Home Remedies for Hair Care in Monsoon

India as a tropical region, experiences different seasons round the year and one of them is summers. It is considered as a hot, dry, sweaty, and a humid season where the days are warmer and the nights are shorter and people get easily exhausted. But when you know that the monsoons are going to hit very soon, the very thought of it makes you feel relaxed and enthusiastic. You start planning what all you are going to do like the dishes you are going to have, the hill stations you would like to holiday at, even the music in your playlist, and most importantly the clothes you would wear!

Though monsoon nourishes every living being on earth, the overall ecosystem with sufficient rainfall, still, it brings some serious problems with it. One of them is the problem of hair fall. Everyone wants to have long and thick hair but you need to maintain and take proper care of it. So, in order to take some effective measures towards hair problems, what kind of a diet should an individual follow? Here are a few tips you can keep in mind:

Amazing Aloe Vera

While Aloe Vera helps balance the pH levels in your hair, its high alkaline properties also help stimulates the hair growth & improve the hair density, making it potentially stronger. Application of Aloe Vera Juice - Treat your hair with Aloe Vera Juice well enough so that your scalp absorbs it properly. - Leave it for a minimum of 2-3 hours before washing your hair with lukewarm water.

Magical Methi Seeds

Methi, also known as Fenugreek, contains hormone antecedents which help in revitalizing the damaged hair. It increases the immunity levels of the hair and makes the hair roots stronger. Application of Methi Seeds

  • Soak 3-4 spoons of methi seeds overnight in a bowl of water.
  • Once it softens, grind them and apply the paste on the scalp and massage.
  • Rinse hair properly after.

Wonder Amla

Amla is commonly known as the Indian Gooseberry and has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties which help in improving the growth of hair as well as saving the scalp from fungal infections.

Application of Amla Pulp

  • Mix Amla Pulp with lemon juice, apply it on the scalp properly and massage or leave it overnight and then wash your hair with Jiva Amla Shampoo in the morning.
  • Another way is to consume Amla Murabba which is a sweet pickle, as a part of your daily meals.
  • Apply Jiva Amla Hair Oil which is extremely rich in Vitamin C and has Amla, Almond, Jasmine, and Jape.

Most of us don’t want to go for methods which are time consuming and involve complex procedures. So, what can be done in such cases?

Here are some general tips through which we can protect ourselves from hair loss.

Some of the Measures are as follows:

  • Always keep your hair dry in the monsoon season.
  • Use herbal shampoos like Jiva Neem Shampoo.
  • It's really important to concentrate on your diet i.e. to eat protein-rich foods.
  • Keep yourself hydrated which means drink as much water as you can.
  • Try to avoid combing wet hair or tying it stiffly as it weakens the root which in turn results in heavy hair loss.
  • Champi is one of the best ways to control hair damage in monsoons as it conditions your hair, revitalizes the dry stands and boosts up the moisture levels of your hair.

Try to use natural and herbal products for better hair growth. Go for Ayurvedic products, which reduces chances of reactions or side effects on your body as they do not contain any chemicals in their products. With the help of such remedies, you can have the dense and glossy hair you’ve always wished for.

These remedies can help you overcome all your hair loss worries and you can rather enjoy the season of rains the way it is meant to be!

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