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How Ayurveda helps against stress and depression

Ayurveda defines the stress or depression (Avsad) as an agent which causes the imbalance of our three Doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha. If this balance is not corrected at the right time, one will not be able to live a life of contentment in harmony with nature. In terms of Ayurveda, depression or stress is the result of negative thinking. When one worries excessively about the things or events which have not come yet into his life or procrastinates on smallest things, he is becoming depressed and deteriorating his physical and mental health. Stress leads to constipation, back pain, neck sprain, indigestion Ajeeran), diabetes (Madhumay), etc.

To deal with depression or stress, the following are the Ayurvedic ways which are pretty effective for giving you long-term benefits:

Replace junk food with Sattvic food:

Sattvic food, otherwise known as Ayurvedic healing food, includes fresh fruits and vegetables which are selectively consumed on the basis of one’s Dosha. For Vata body type, eating warm and sweet food is suggested while sweet, cold, and bitter foods are advised for Pitta body type. For Kapha, food which is light, dry, and hot is best.

Adopt Sattvic lifestyle:

It’s an ideal state of living where one avoids negative energy and brings the positive attitude within him. He must have complete control and balance on his Dhatus as well as Doshas. He should be focused, dedicated and self-motivated towards his life goals. He should practice yoga or any other physical exercise to stay healthy.

Spiritually educate and enlighten yourself:

To get rid of all professional and personal life problems, one should become spiritually enlightened. He should identify his life goals, satisfied with his achievements, and embrace the god-gifted talents. For this, he should do Yoga which would remind all of us to self-introspect and know our weaknesses and strengths.

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