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How to Control Diabetes through Ayurveda?

We all know at least one person suffering from diabetes in our friend circle or family. Even statistics suggest that coming 2030, India, China and the US will have the largest number of diabetics. Every fifth person with diabetes will be an Indian. So, what should we do? Is there anything that can help control diabetes from occurring in the first place and secondly, can manage it effectively and avoid reaching its complicated stage?

Yes, Ayurveda, a holistic, ancient and scientific treatment method can prevent and control diabetes from its root cause. To know how, please read this blog.

Diabetes Treatment in Ayurveda

Diabetes condition is known as “madhumeh” in Ayurveda. The word ‘madhu’ means honey (sweet) and ‘meh’ means urination. Hence, madhumeh means a disease in which a person urinates honey-like urine. Ayurveda divides diabetes into two categories:

  1. Genetic (Sahaja) diabetes resembles Juvenile Diabetes or Insulin-Dependent Diabetes that occurs at a young age.
  2. Acquired (Apathaja) diabetes occurs due to an unhealthy lifestyle in old age and obese people and resembles Type II Diabetes.

What we eat, how much exercise we do, what time we sleep, how much we weigh, how stressed or anxious we are – such lifestyle factors play a big role in shaping our bodily health. Lifestyle-related diseases stem from unhealthy living, and making few changes and pivoting to a healthier lifestyle can make a world of difference in bringing about overall balance and well-being. Diabetes, too, can be controlled and its risk can be reduced if you take care of your diet and live a physically active life. Ayurveda, being the holistic system of medicine, goes to the root cause of your problem and strengthens your body’s defence mechanism. It accelerates your body’s healing process naturally and regulates metabolic disturbances that lead to diabetes.

Unhealthy lifestyle factors increase the Kapha dosha and med dhatu (fat tissues) which cause the blockage of channels and bring ojas (vital energy) from the body into the urine causing madhumeh. Ayurveda for diabetes treatment begins by detoxifying the body so that the medicines (special herbs and rasayanas) can work effectively towards treating the root-cause of the disease. Other than medicines, at Jiva Ayurveda, our doctors recommend a customised diet and lifestyle plan that complements the effect of medicines and improves the overall quality of life. This also helps in avoiding life-long dependency on insulin and significantly reduces the risk of complications of diabetes.

Preventing Diabetes the Ayurvedic Way

When Ayurveda for diabetes is considered as a treatment option in the early stage, then the overall control of the disease in the future is much better. As Ayurveda believes in the basic principle of Nidana Parivarjana (removal of the causative factor), which means prevention is always better than cure. In the prediabetes stage, blood glucose levels are either normal or on the higher side of the normal range. Therefore, screening of diabetes should begin at 30-45 years of age and should be repeated every three years to avoid complications. Incorporating healthy lifestyle habits in your routine can effectively help you control blood sugar levels naturally. A few of them are mentioned below:

  1. Have a healthy, balanced diet at regular timings. Avoid eating junk, fried, sugary or processed foods. You can drink Jiva Karela Jamun Juice to regulate your blood sugar levels naturally.
  2. Keep up your metabolism levels by exercising at least 30 minutes a day. Simple exercises like brisk walk or yoga can help stimulate your pancreas, balance the production of insulin hormone in the body and keep your weight in check.
  3. Take a good, sound sleep of 6-8 hours to rejuvenate & increase the healing capacity of your body from within. Avoid daytime sleep. Lack of sleep can affect your metabolism and energy levels.
  4. Stress is the root cause of all evil in today's world, and managing it effectively goes a long way in controlling or even preventing diabetes. While we can't really control stressful situations, we can try managing them effectively. Therefore, take out time for yourself, practise pranayama techniques to relieve and relax your mind.
  5. Awareness is the key to a healthy life. Regular blood tests for diabetes helps one be aware of where he/she stands, thereby enabling one to take required action on time.

So the next time you find your sugar levels out of control, why not give Ayurveda and these simple tips a try to manage your diabetes effectively? Our experienced and specialist Ayurvedic doctors can help you live a healthy, balanced and happy life with simple ayurvedic treatment for diabetes.

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