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How to Discourage Your Kids from Multi-tasking

You walk into your daughter’s room and you see her doing her Math homework while chatting with her friend on Facebook. There’s loud music blaring in the background and the television is playing her favourite TV show.

Sounds familiar?

Most people are proud of being able to multitask, but in children, it’s not a desirable trait. While multitasking, their brains spend so much energy that they don’t have the mental resources needed for retention and comprehension.

Here are some of the side effects of multitasking in children

  • Poor concentration

  • Increased stress levels

  • Impaired memory formation

  • Loss of creativity

  • Reduced IQ

What can you do to ensure your kids work with utmost concentration?

  • Explain to your kids that multitasking is not desirable. Their brain is like a spotlight and they will only be able to focus on one thing at a time.

  • Plan a study or work schedule for them and let them rank the tasks in order of priority so that they know which one to get to first

  • Keep a kid’s study area free of digital distractions. When doing homework, the television should be switched off and the cell phone should be kept in another room.

  • While using the Internet, monitor the sites they’re visiting and don’t allow them to watch unrelated YouTube videos.

  • Set realistic expectations. A 6-year-old kid cannot concentrate for longer than 15-20 minutes. A teenager, on the other hand, can focus for 50 minutes, provided there are short breaks in between.

Teach your kids to give undivided attention to whatever they do. If it's time to enjoy, let them have fun without worries. Likewise, when it’s time to work, they should just work. Set an example yourselves by doing the same thing.

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