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How to Have Goal Setting Sessions With Your Children

Goal setting is essential for children. It helps build resilience, confidence and self-esteem. As parents, it is our job to teach our children how to set and achieve goals. Here are a few pointers to make your child’s goal setting session a success.

Don’t Hijack The Session:

For the session to be successful, the goal-setting process must be driven by the child. Ensure that the goals penned down are those of the child and not a reflection of parents’ desire. Parents can play a supporting role in helping the child achieve his/her goals.

Talk About Expectations:

Once the goals are identified, let the child know what you expect from him/her. For example, if you wish to see your child do better in a particular subject, share your concerns and then try to arrive at a balanced goal.

Reason With Your Kid’s Objections:

Instead of outright denying their requests, listen to their demands and try to come up with an alternative. If your children object to something, ask for a reason for objecting and try negotiating with them.

Every Child Is Different:

As you work with your children to set their goals, make sure that each goal is tailored to the child’s personality, interests and aspirations. Keep in mind that not all kids are the same. Each child has his/her unique personality.

Steer Away From Anything Boring:

Kids have a very short attention span, and that is why they have trouble concentrating on anything that doesn’t interest them. Therefore, keep the whole goal-setting exercise light-hearted and fun.

The process of goal setting holds the promise of helping kids beyond just academics. It helps nurture qualities like resilience, hopefulness, confidence, and motivation in children.

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