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How to Help Your Child Pick the Right Career

It’s common for you to want your children to pursue well-established and successful careers. Doctor, lawyer, engineer or architect - these are some common choices that parents have in mind when selecting a career for their kids.

However, forcing them into a particular profession could result in a life of mediocrity and misery. They may have no aptitude for them or simply lack the passion to pursue them. Hence, it is integral to know your child’s mind while helping them pick a field that they’d flourish in.

Consider MI-MN Tests:

  • The Multiple Natures (MN) and the Multiple Intelligences (MI) tests go beyond the typical mathematical or linguistic parameters to truly understand the child’s aptitude.

  • Taking these tests gives a clear-cut understanding of the child’s mental make-up, while also giving career options that a kid will thrive in. Learn more here: http://www.jivapublicschool.com/mn-teams/

  • With this information, you can objectively pick a career for your kid.

  • These tests are available online or you can contact a guidance counsellor at school or otherwise for professional help. Other things you can do

Career counselling:

Consult a career counsellor to ensure that both you and your kid have the necessary information to make the right choice.


Read up online. Do thorough research before you pick a stream, a college, or a career for your kid.

Speak to your kid:

Find out what he’s interested in and what profession he’s keen on. Consider his responses with an open mind and try and guide him without bias.

As a parent, it’s important to help your child pick a career that they are interested in, have an aptitude for and would grow to love. Trust in them to make the right choices and guide them towards it with love, support, and understanding.

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