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How to Stop Hairfall the Natural and Ayurvedic Way!

In addition to the direct it on your self esteem and the social standing in your community, had call me also be an indication of something serious happening beneath the surface treatment for headquarter be very effective in getting rid of the problem at the root cause, as well as to reduce hair fall comprehensively stop if you have not started deleted problem by very very, it's time you started a few things that you can do to stop hair fall naturally.

Do not take hot showers

Hot water is very bad for the hair as well as for the skin. it has done oppressive nature that's the way the natural oil from the scalp of your head, as well as to some extent which is not at all helpful if you are looking to keep the handle your help for a long time it is advisable to use room temperature water or cold water whenever possible even if the temperature is low.  on top of that using hot water on the hand is also not good for your brain  matter. It has been found that people  who frequently took hot baths became aggressive and irritable because of an increase in Pitta dosha In the head region. 

Keep your hair hanging use as much as possible

Your hair is not supposed to be in a bun for long periods of time. Keeping it in closed confines adds a mechanical stress to the  strands of hair, which leads to hair fall in the  long run.  make sure that you keep your hair open as much as possible and  use a scrunchy or tie it up only if you have no other option.

Never comb your hair wet

When your hair is wet it is vulnerable to breakage from heart action that happens when you comb your hair. If you have noticed your grandmother, you might have seen that she never combed her hair immediately after taking a bath. It is important to let the hair dry naturally before using a comb on it.  Even when you have to comb your hair, use a broad-toothed comb to minimise breakage. This Ayurvedic way is advised when you seek Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall problems.

Manage your stress

 stress can do a lot of bad things to your body. In addition to raising  levels of cortisol hormone in your body,  it  can create havoc in your blood pressure and blood sugar levels  and in the long run,   it can contribute to multiple health problems, hair fall being one of them.  stress can be managed with the help of yoga and meditation, As well as by modifying your diet and lifestyle to match your body type. 

Keep your hair properly trimmed

When your  hair becomes excessively long,  the risk of it Getting Tangled and pulled out also increases drastically. Long hair  is also a problem to manage especially  if you are in a professional environment  where you have to keep your hair tied up for the better part of the day.  Therefore, make it a habit to keep your hair properly trimmed at regular intervals of time, either you are a male or a female. This is also a low cost and natural way to manage the problem of split ends before it becomes a major problem  for you.

Get Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall

Finally,  we will leave you with the advice of speaking to an expert Ayurveda doctor about your hair problem to get rid of it in the long-term, instead of just seeking short term symptomatic remedies that will do you no good and will become a bigger problem for you  at a later point in time. Doctors at Jiva Ayurveda have already treated thousands  of hair and skin problems including hair fall.   Consult  an  andexpert doctor at Jiva Ayurveda by dialling 0129 40 40 404. 


To Know more , talk to a Jiva doctor. Dial 0129-4040404 or click on ‘Speak to a Doctor
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