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How You Can Treat Ringworm At Home

Ringworm is often caused when all three vata, pitta & kapha doshas becomes aggressively excess in the body. Therefore, treatment includes pacifying the doshas with proper diet and Lifestyle steps. In most of the cases you can get rid of ringworm at home with simple remedies, but for proper treatment that is personalized for your specific cause, it is highly recommended to speak to an expert skin specialist rather than self medicating. To get started, here are a few home remedies for ringworm that we can start applying from today itself at home.

  1.  Application of onion and garlic paste:  both onion and garlic are rich and natural sources of sulphur, which is very effective in treating skin problems caused by fungal and bacterial infections. Application is very easy, take a medium sized onion or 10-12 cloves of garlic depending on the size of your infection and make a fine paste  on a clean surface. Apply the paste on the affected area and remember that it may give you a mild sensation of burning on the skin which is harmless. You can wash it off after 15 to 30 minutes and repeat the process once or twice a day. It is very important to keep a close eye on the progress of your disease, if you see the problem increasing, stop the application and immediately speak with the doctor.                 
  1. Increasing your turmeric consumption:  Turmeric has many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that have been used for treating skin disorders. Consume it normally by drinking Golden Milk, or adding a little bit more of the spice in your food, or you can also take the unconventional route of applying it on the affected area. Ayurveda says that anything you apply on the skin is eventually consumed by the body because it is absorbed to the skin inside the body. If you can get your hands on fresh turmeric root then it's the best; otherwise you can also use packaged turmeric powder to make a paste and apply on your ringworm. 

  1. Bathing with Neem water:  Neem, as you might already know is commonly referred to as the village dispensary.  It has so many properties that are beneficial for overall health and wellbeing that it has been equated to a doctor itself. Neem is one of the most recommended home remedies For ringworm treatment. Bathing daily with neem infused water can help you get rid of skin problems, specifically infections such as ringworm. To do this, take a handful of fresh leaves of the name tree, and violet in a pan of water. now added all together ( including the leaves) in your bathing water and take a bath. do this regularly for a week and you will see a lot of improvement in your skin quality as well as your hair health.

In addition to these home remedies for  ringworm, you can get the best medicine for ringworm by Consulting a doctor. In most cases, Panchkarma is surely recommended for maximum benefit in the treatment in addition to prescribing herbal medications both for external application and internal consumption. 


In order to treat ringworm, as well as other fungal infections, treatment at Jiva Ayurveda takes a holistic approach that addresses all the deep tissues as well as blood and plasma for an overall 360 degree benefit within a relatively short period of time. Also, it must be noted that Ayurvedic treatment for ringworm offers long term relief, and lesser chance of recurrence if the treatment is completed as per the doctor's advice and diagnosis.  

Identifying the symptoms

In order to get proper treatment, or even to apply home remedies for ringworm, you must first identify the symptoms of the disease. Ringworm can happen either on the soles of the feet, in the groin area, in the buttocks, on the beard area, on the palms of the hand, or on the scalp. The usual symptoms are: 

  1.  Itchy, red and raised patches on the skin
  2.  ring like circular structure, which gives in the name of ringworm
  3.  bald patches if it happens on the scalp
  4.  thick or discoloured fingernails if it happens on the  fingers 


When to consult the doctor?

 If even applying ringworm home treatment remedies for several days you do not see any improvement, and the symptoms persist, stop applying them and immediately consult an expert skin doctor. Jiva Ayurveda has already helped thousands of skin disorder patients with similar fungal infections. Call 0129 4040 404 today and speak with an expert doctor for personalized treatment and advise. 

To Know more , talk to a Jiva doctor. Dial 0129-4040404 or click on ‘Speak to a Doctor
under the CONNECT tab in Jiva Health App.



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