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What are the best remedies for removal of fungal infections?

Skin is the largest sense organ in the human body, and therefore it is prone to many more infections and attacks by germs and microbes. In the last 27 years of treatment experience, Jiva Ayurveda doctors have observed that fungal skin infections and yeast infections on the skin, are common in every age group, especially in people living in hot and humid conditions that is common in tropical regions like India. In order to treat ringworm and other skin infections, Ayurveda follows a very holistic treatment approach that addresses the root cause by a combination of lifestyle and diet, that compliments the customised herbal treatment plan.

5 ayurvedic ways of removing fungal infections

Maintaining highest levels of personal hygiene

The first step to treat ringworm is to maintain high levels of personal hygiene. In most cases, skin disorders start with poor hygiene that leads to the accumulation of microbes and germs under the cloth on top of the skin. Over time, these microbes start spreading and feeding on the skin cells. Always make sure to take a bath even if the temperature is very low, and during summers make sure that you bathe at least twice a day with normal room temperature water. It is also important to keep your clothes clean and regularly washed. You can use any detergent of your choice, but make sure that you dry it under the sun because it helps in reducing the amount of germs on the cloth. Also, never share your undergarments with anyone, even with your close family members. 

Eating according to you Dosha

Skin infections, like any other health disorder observed commonly today, are caused by doing things that do not match our nature. Ayurvedic calls this Pragyaparadh, or misuse of intellect. The biggest example of this is eating things that do not suit our body types. In order to prevent this from happening, take a body type  test from any online Prakriti analysis test online. This will give you an idea of what you should eat and what your lifestyle should be. You will be surprised to see the improvement in your skin infection problems just by tweaking your diet and lifestyle. 

Staying dry

Yeast infections and fungal skin infections are commonly caused in areas that remain moist and humid. Especially the area behind your knees, under your arms in the crevices of your neck and in between your legs in the groin area are susceptible to yeast and fungal infections. Cotton clothes absorb the sweat easily and are helpful in keeping your skin dry. Also, if you work in an environment where it is already hot and humid, make sure that you change it by doing whatever is necessary. This could be as simple as using a ceiling fan, or if it is possible, have an air conditioner installed.

Cooling the skin

A common treatment  approach to treat ringworm is to cool the skin because Pitta  naturally increases the heat in the body, as well as in the skin. To do this you can  frequently wash the affected area with a herbal face wash and apply aloe vera gel on the skin after washing it properly. Instead of drinking a lot of tea and coffee, consider switching to Ayurvedic tea, fruit juices and tender coconut water. This will also keep your skin cool irrespective of the environmental temperature.  

Getting appropriate treatment on time!

The best remedy of all is to actually get a proper treatment for your skin infections. Speak to an expert skin care specialist at Jiva Ayurveda by dialling 0129 40 40 404. Skin disorder treatment provided at Jiva Ayurveda takes a holistic approach that considers your innate natural body type as well as other contributing factors, and then a customised plan is prepared which has a higher chance of giving you faster results compared to OTC skin care products, or generalized home remedies for skin problem. 


To Know more , talk to a Jiva doctor. Dial 0129-4040404 or click on ‘Speak to a Doctor
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