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Which has the best treatment for ringworm, Ayurveda or Allopathy?

Treatment for fungal infection, ringworm infection, or any other skin infection for that matter is done properly in Ayurveda, allopathy as well as homeopathy. Each of these different philosophies of treatment have their own advantages and disadvantages, and in this article will explore how Ayurveda is more beneficial as a treatment route compared to the other alternatives that you can get today.

Ringworm treatment in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda ringworm is considered to be caused by the infection triggered by an imbalance of The Subtle energies kapha and vata. The toxins that accumulate inside the body contaminate blood as well as muscles and plasma, thereby leading to contamination of the deeper tissues which leads to the formation of ringworm, also known medically as Tinea

The Ayurveda treatment regimen takes a holistic approach by first decontaminating the blood, muscles and plasma with the combination of herbs, toxin-removing medicines and diet plans. Once the body has been detoxified, a separate group of specialised medicines is administered to pacify the aggravated supply energies.  

Finally herbal medicines are also given to keep the body in a balanced Seth, as well as improve the condition of blood, skin, and underlying plasma running to the lymphatic system.

So you see, Ayurvedic approach to treating ringworm is far broader and comprehensive that does not just look at the problem from a symptomatic perspective, but goes deeper into the root cause of the problem and addresses it in such a way that gives long term reserves and benefits. 

Ringworm infection treatment in allopathy

In allopathy, ringworm is treated with the help of steroid based Antifungal creams,  which can be procured over-the-counter at any local chemist shop. Some of the most common nonprescription products that are used in the treatment of ringworm in allopathy are: Clotrimazole, Miconazole, Terbinafine, Ketoconazole, Griseofulvin and Itraconazole.  

Taking a pragmatic view of this approach, you can see that the treatment is primarily focused on addressing the symptoms that are visible to the eye, instead of going deeper into the root cause of the problem. Also, the promise of quick treatment is far more attractive in this approach despite the real risk of your body absorbing steroids in the process of treating the infection. 

Which approach is correct:  Ayurveda or Allopathy?

Ayurveda is based on the fact that the body absorbs everything that it comes in contact with.  This goes for anything that your eyes or ears absorb from the environment, or your skin absorbs from the chemical-based products that you apply. Ayurveda suggests that you should only apply those things on your skin that you would also put inside your mouth. Because, at the end of the day, the skin absorbs materials into your body, therefore increasing the risk of side effects that come with the use of Steroids. However,  it must also be considered that the amount of steroid use in such OTC products is at a minimum level but over a prolonged period of use it may accumulate to a worrisome amount inside your body.  

Should you prioritise convenience, or treatment of the root-cause?

In most cases, convenience is often the priority for most of us while treating healthcare problems. And, since skin problems do not really interfere with our way of life,  the majority of us take the shortcut of applying an OTC product on the skin to get rid of infections such as  ringworm. However, Explain in the previous paragraph, in the long run applying steroid based, or chemical based products on the skin may lead to and towards side-effects that you did not not anticipate. 

The most practical advice that we can give is to start with a herbal skin care product to get relief from the symptoms of ringworm, but immediately seek the expert advice of an Ayurveda Doctor to get rid of the problem from the root. To speak with a Jiva doctor For treatment of fungal infection for ringworm infection, call 0129 4040 404 today. 



To Know more , talk to a Jiva doctor. Dial 0129-4040404 or click on ‘Speak to a Doctor
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