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Learn how to manage stress among teenagers

Teens are quite vulnerable to the changes around them as teen years are marked by biological and socio-cultural changes. When a teen enters puberty, he/she experiences varied emotions and moods. As their physical looks change, some may develop body image issues characterized by dislike for self, low confidence and inferiority complex. This can weaken their brain and body, and dull their minds.

What parents can do?

If as a parent, such things sound familiar, you need not worry. There is still time to set things right. This is how you can achieve the best for your child. - Parents must understand that each child is different. Not all can be doctors, engineers, musicians or teachers. Spend some time gauging your child’s interests and state of mind, keep the communication channels open and do not force him/her to fulfill your dreams.

  • Children should be taught the importance of eating healthy from an young age. Milk, paneer, lassi, raisins, almonds, seasonal fruits and vegetables keep the digestive fire strong. If digestion is proper, mind will be relaxed and energetic.

  • Ayurvedic herbs like ashwagandha is a powerful antioxidant that beats stress and anxiety naturally.

  • Aromatic oils like lavender and lemon relax the mind. Burning incense sticks while praying or bathing with basil or rose leaves are also therapeutic ways of fighting stress.

  • Parents should gently talk to children about incorporating a healthy lifestyle with nutritious diet, regular sleep, physical exercise and some form of meditation.

  • Children can also be given health supplements with natural herbs (with no side effects) that boost memory, stimulate nerves and enhance brain functioning. Memorica Syrup and Memory Tablets are extremely beneficial.

Children are the future of the county but their foundation in the present needs to be strong. For proper treatment of teenage stress and anxiety, consult with a Jiva Doctor today to get personalized treatment and medicines.

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