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Manage joint pain with Ayurveda

Joint pain has become a common phenomenon affecting not just the elderly people but also the young. Taking rest and medication can bring relief for some time but without understanding the root cause of the problem, long-term relief or recovery may not be possible.

Causes of joint pain

Contrary to common belief that joint pain occurs only at a certain age, a number of reasons contribute to it.

  1. According to Ayurveda, every person possesses a unique mix of three elemental energies or doshas – vata, pitta and kapha. Pain is primarily caused when vata is dominant as it blocks strotas resulting in poor blood circulation causing pain.
  2. Cold and dry weather with little sunshine can make the joints stiff and swollen.
  3. Junk food, alcohol, cold drinks, and sedentary lifestyle with very less physical activity are few other reasons why people complain of joint pain.
  4. Lack of nutritious diet without essential vitamins and minerals deteriorate healthy bones and make them fragile.

Pain-relieving tips

No matter what amount of medication one takes, without bringing discipline in life, it’s very difficult to manage joint pain.

  1. Each person has a unique constitution and it is important to know one’s prakriti or nature for proper diagnosis and treatment. You can take our prakriti test here.

  2. Be physically active by doing some exercise every day and make it a routine.

  3. Practice yoga to make body supple and strong. It will bring peace to the mind as well.

  4. Jiva Pain Calm Potali uses natural herbs like methi, haldi and ajwain to provide relief from neck pain, shoulder stress, back pain and arthritis. You may also use Pain Calm Oil to releases muscular and nerve tension, and ensures proper blood circulation. However, for swelling, do not massage, just use Pain Calm Potali for relief.

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