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How To Rejuvenate Your Ojas After Sex

Sex is undoubtedly among the greatest pleasures that we can experience as human beings. But it is much more than just that. It not only cements the relationship that a couple shares, it can also keep you energetic, boost your immunity system, and bring you closer to the divinity within you. However, there are many factors that can lead to the depletion of ojas - the fluid of life that is responsible for overall health, immunity, vitality, and emotional wellbeing. For instance, too much of stress can take its toll on ojas, as can excessive sexual activity. Here are a few Ayurvedic tips to rejuvenate your ojas after you’ve had sex.

A Little Ghee:

According to Ayurveda, ghee is a lot like like ojas because it is sweet and nourishing. To boost the production of ojas in the body, all you have to do is add a spoonful of ghee to your meal. In fact, keep a jar of desi ghee on your dining table and add it to your dals and curries while you’re eating.

Some Honey:

Honey is sticky, sweet and, Charaka believed that it tasted like ojas. That’s as good a reason as any to have honey every day, right. Just add a teaspoon of honey to your tea when it is sufficiently cool to drink, but never cook with honey.

Warm Milk:

A glass of warm milk always acts as a restoring post-sex drink. Want to make the drink better? Add a teaspoon of ghee, a bit of cardamom, and a pinch of saffron to the milk and you have a nice drink to sip on before you go to sleep.

Rice Kheer:

Who doesn’t love kheer? And when we tell you that it’s a great pick me up after sex for your ojas, you will need no persuasion at all. Packed with the goodness of milk, ghee, dry fruits, cardamom, and saffron - all of which are ojas boosting foods, this yummy dessert will works wonders for the life force coursing through your body.

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