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Quick Tips and Tricks That Make Learning Fun For Your Child

All of us have picked up little tricks going through life. Whether it be the trick to rolling out the perfect roti that your grandma taught you or how to write a resume, it is important for you to teach these to your kids when the time is right, so that they can be equipped to go through life a little easier, save time and energy, and have an edge over others.

Here are two very helpful techniques that you will help your child be more productive and effective.


These are words created from other words, using the first letter of each word, for the purpose of learning and remembering words sequentially.

  • One of the most common acronyms that your children will learn in school is VIBGYOR (violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red) to remember the colors in the rainbow.

  • You can also teach them to make acronymic sentences like My (Mercury) Very (Venus) Elegant (Earth) Mother (Mars) Just (Jupiter) Served (Saturn) Us (Uranus) Noodles (Neptune) to easily recall the name of all the planets.

Mind Mapping:

These are excellent learning tools, especially when trying to remember and understand elaborate concepts. To make a mind map-

  • Start with a blank sheet of paper.

  • Write the main idea in the middle.

  • Draw lines/ branches radiating outwards from the main idea.

  • List the related ideas and concepts against these branches.

  • The related ideas can also have sub-points.

While it is great for you to teach them tricks, you should also encourage them to come up with their own as this will help build their analytical and logical skills!

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