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Tendency to Vomit After Meals? This Could Explain Why

Do you feel like vomiting after every meal? Digestion is a function of Jathargni and Pitta and when these two are functioning properly, your tendency to eat remains normal and you do not experience any unpleasantness. However, if these natural energies go out of balance, you feel like vomiting after meals. Here are 7 reasons that may explain why.

Acid Reflux:

When Pitta increases severely in the body, the digestive acids become excess. The oesophagus opens up and stomach acids pour out in to the throat and back of the neck. This gives a bitter feeling and in severe cases this may make you feel like throwing up after eating meals. Acid Reflux is also known as GERD. Ayurvedic treatment for Acid Reflux can help you control the problem and also help in increasing your appetite.


Pregnant women often feel the tendency to vomit after meals. This is a special condition that lasts only during pregnancy. After childbirth this problem goes away. Almost 80% off all pregnant women experience this because of changing hormone levels in the body. But if the tendency is in excess then this could mean some other health problem, in which case you should see your doctor.


Indigestion or dyspepsia happens when Pitta becomes weak. Food you eat takes longer to digest and leave undigested food particles in the stomach which forms ama (toxins). Presence of ama in the digestive channel can lead to feeling of nausea after meals.

Psychological Issues:

Anorexia, stress or anxiety can make you feel like vomiting after you eat. Under stress the feeling to vomit can happen even without food. Try not to eat when you are under stress or anxiety. Ayurvedic treatment for stress and anxiety are very helpful.

Food Intolerance or Allergy:

Some food items can trigger allergic reaction in the body. Milk or dairy products cause allergic reaction in people who have lactose intolerance. Similarly, some seafood, mushrooms or exotic foods can cause vomiting.


Medicines given for treatment of diseases can also mess up your appetite and cause nausea. If you are under medication, consult your doctor to discuss your problem.

Food Poisoning:

In very rare cases, if you eat something toxic, you may suffer from food poisoning. Vomiting will happen as a natural reaction to the poisoning. Always eat clean and properly cooked foods. Some mushrooms are poisonous, choose carefully.

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