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The Bhagavad Gita On The Influence of Gunas

The Bhagavad Gita lays a lot of emphasis on the impact of gunas on the human mind. It says, “karmanah sukrtasyāhuh sāttvikah nirmalah phalam, rajasas tu phalam duhkham ajñānam tamasah phalam”. (Chapter 14, Shloka 16)


“They say that the fruit of good actions is pure and born of sattva; but the fruit of rajas is sorrow; the fruit of tamas is ignorance.”

The Bhagavad Gita believes that like attracts like and good leads to good. That’s why sattva, being pure and divine, can only attract sattva.

What is Sattva?

Sattva stands for all that is good, constructive, and harmonising. It is the quality of balance, righteousness, peace, and liberation. A body filled with sattva experiences purification (shuddhi) of the mind, which leads to stability, self control, and cheerfulness. This then takes the individual to the highest happiness (anuttama sukha), allowing him to establish contact with the divine to experience samadhi, and ultimately supreme bliss.

How to Gain Sattva?

A life that doesn’t have sattva will often be ruled either by rajas and tamas. Since they’re considered impure, rajas and tamas are held responsible for most of the ills in society.

  • Add positive thinkings and affirmation to your everyday life.

  • Don’t let egoism, ambition, attachment, greed, pride, and envy pollute your mind.

  • Happiness and contentment should be your priority to lead a sorrow and ignorance free life.

Imparting purity of the mind, body, and soul will help you to think clearly and develop an understanding of the world you live in, bringing you closer to divinity.

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