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How Often Should I Practice Yoga?

According to Ayurveda, yoga is an important part of someone’s lifestyle. It reduces physical stress and maintains your emotional wellbeing. But when you think of starting yoga, you’re often left wondering how often you should be doing this. From 21 minutes every morning to three intensive sessions a week to everything in between - the answer seems to differ depending on who you’re speaking to. In the end, you’re left confused - what is the right duration for yoga? What is your goal?

The reasons that motivate people to do yoga can vary greatly. Different goals make your practice time differ

1. Mental Health:

The benefits of yoga on your emotional and psychological health are indisputable. It calms you down, fights stress, boost relaxation, and can also improve focus and concentration.

To Improve your mental health and deal with issues like depression and anxiety, a daily practice of 10-20 minutes is beneficial.

2. Physical Fitness & Beauty:

Regular practice of yoga can build stamina, endurance, and flexibility. It also boosts blood circulation in the body, flushes out toxins and keeps your skin looking young and supple.

If your goal is physical fitness and clearer skin, you should practice for 20-30 minutes every day.

3. Preventive Healthcare:

Some people view yoga as a preventive health care measure. It keeps lifestyle diseases at bay and helps with issues like weight gain and cholesterol levels. If you’re looking to improve the functioning of your heart or kidneys, a practice of 45 minutes every day is ideal.

These guidelines are however indicative and everyone has to customize their yoga workout according to their age, busy schedules and physical condition. The important thing is to put your whole soul into the sessions that you do because even the shortest practice session of Yoga has innumerable benefits!

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