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The Impact of Stress on the Skin & What to Do to Fix the Problem

Stress and lack of sleep impacts the quality of your skin. And yes, most of us can’t afford to quit our jobs, refuse to pay our bills or just avoid life; Ayurveda suggests some tips to help you manage stress better. So here are few evil things stress does to your skin along with tips to keep you looking flawless!

  • Lackluster Skin –Due to increase in vata dosha in the body, the skin becomes dry, lusterless and dull. For that dewy skin and fresh-faced look, eat lots and lots of fresh fruits. Fruits give your skin a healthy boost and are full of antioxidants. Including ghee/clarified butter in your diet will help enhance that natural radiance and glow.

  • Dry and Flaky Skin – Dry, flaky skin is caused due to dehydration. This is also a function of excess Vata dosha. Because of stress you may also forget to stay hydrated. To avoid that, drink a lot of water. About eight glasses (or more!) each day can be effective.

  • Frequent Breakouts and Rashes – Excessively oily skin and breakouts may be the result of Pitta dosha aggravation in the body. Ayurveda advises practicing Pranayama or deep breathing exercises for 10 min to calm your mind and reduce anxiety. You can also drink coconut water, cucumber and other Pitta pacifying food items in your diet.

  • Clogged Pores – Blocked pores in the skin may also be the result of vata dosha aggravation which blocks the movement in body channels. As a result natural oils created in the body cannot escape and causes skin eruptions. Include green leafy vegetables in your diet and stay away from deep fried, oily and sugary foods. Additionally, you can also use a herbal scrub for deep cleansing and flushing away the dirt.

Pro tip :

A warm oil massage at the end of a stressful day can do wonders to keep the stress and anxiety at bay.

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