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What is Your Reason for Hair Loss?

Hair fall is quite embarrassing and finding strands stuck to your clothes just makes it worse. But the good news is that if you treat hair loss early, the chance of re-growth is much higher. Losing 50-80 strands of hair is normal. In some cases, it might go up to 120-150 strands but anything above that could mean that you are beginning to go bald.

How to find if you ready have the problem of hair loss?

Take a small chunk of hair (approximately 80 strands) in your hand and tug on them. If 5-10 strands fall of it’s normal, but if it’s more than that you should consult an Ayurvedic doctor for treatment.

What could be the cause of your hair loss?

Hair loss can occur due to simple reasons like stress and vitamin deficiency or major health issues like alopecia. Here are some of the common reasons for hair loss

Physical Trauma:

If you recently had sudden weight loss, physical trauma, surgery, accident or had a severe health issue recently it can affect the normal cycle of hair growth, resulting in shedding of more hair than usual.

Remedy: Just relax and eat healthy. Your hair will grow back to its normal state once your body recovers.

Lack of Protein:

Lack of protein causes your body to conserve it by preventing hair growth. The side-effect is visible within the span of three months.

Remedy: Eat protein-rich foods like soybeans, nuts, curd, dal and pulses


Pregnant women tend to lose hair until the delivery of the baby. This is normal, brought on by the hormonal changes happening in the body.

Remedy: Do not worry, the hair will grow back post delivery. Stay healthy.

Genetic Causes:

If you have a family history of hair loss and baldness, there are chances that you may also end up with hair-related issue.

Remedy: As such, there is no remedy for hair loss and baldness that is brought on by genetics. You can, however, apply Bhringraj Hair Oil to promote blood circulation and improve your chances of hair restoration.

Emotional Trauma:

Emotional traumas due anxiety, stress, sadness can also lead to hair loss. So, if you’re losing chunks of hair, you might have all that worrying to blame.

Remedy: Calm yourself down. Try to de-stress by socializing and indulging in leisure activities. Consider deep meditation and pranayama to restore equilibrium to your body, mind, and soul.

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