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5 Steps to Getting the Right Your Posture Right for Meditation

Meditation has several benefits, the chief of them being that it promotes calmness, improves concentration, and boosts self awareness. It also benefits cardiovascular and immune health and slows down ageing. Along with the technique of meditation, it’s also important to maintain the right posture. If you’re a beginner, here are the steps to getting your posture right.

Choose your posture:

Pick up a posture that is comfortable for you to sit in. Those used to sitting in chairs might face some discomfort initially, but there are simpler postures to get started. The variations include quarter lotus, half lotus, full lotus, Burmese, kneeling, or you can just sit on the chair if the rest of them are a too much effort.

Elongate your spine:

After you’ve found the perfect posture, the next step is to straighten your spine. Traditional analogies suggest that your spine should as straight as a stack of coins, one on top of the other as you want to feel uplifted when you sit down to meditate.

Relax your shoulders:

Relax your shoulder muscles and slightly push back your shoulder blades. Adjust your posture so that your shoulders are in symmetry.

Sit like a mountain:

During meditation, it is important to be still and stable. According to Ayurveda, the key to such stability is, imagining yourself as a mountain, unmoving, still, and stable,

Once you have established your correct stance, you will find it is way easier to relax your mind and unwind. And even 15 min of meditation will leave you feeling refreshed and uplifted.

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