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Not All Exercises Are Created Equally - Exercise According To The Body Constitution

Wondering how exercise fits into our doshic makeup? According to Ayurveda, there are three governing dosha energies, Vata, Kapha, and Pitta, all of which are formed by a unique blend of five elements. Varying amounts of these three doshas create our unique constitution.

Now, we may have one primary dosha or two primary doshas or maybe all three having a significant presence in the makeup of our constitution. Therefore, we need to learn how to align our doshas into balance by implementing an appropriate exercise routine for our constitution. Let’s take a look.

  • Vatas Need Rhyme and Routine: Vata is a combination of elements air and ether. They are advised to opt for exercises that are opposite to the inherent qualities of their dosha. Warming and rhythmic activities like dancing, tai chi, rowing, yoga, swimming, and walking are beneficial as they will stabilize and strengthens the body. Abhyanga, or self massage, is also extremely beneficial for people who have Vata constitution.

  • Kaphas Need to Get Moving: Kapha consists of elements earth and water. Since the qualities associating with a Kapha-dominated individual are heavy, slow and stable, a mixed bag of workout options like cardio and aerobics can be an excellent choice. Variety in work out helps to keep them interested and motivated.

  • Pittas Need to Keep Their Cool: Elements of fire and water govern this dosha. Water sports such as swimming, water polo, kayaking, etc. are good choices for fiery Pittas as they are inherently athletic and seldom need motivation to exercise. They need to keep their competitive nature in check and should be careful not to exercise in hot temperatures as it can lead to overheated mind and body.

Finally, the pro tip for every dosha - instead of exercising in a smelly gym or a closed room, try working out outside. Breathe in the fresh air; connect with yourself and with nature. It will give a completely different spin to your workout session.

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