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The Relationship Between Sex and Spirituality

According to the Vedas, there are four main pursuits in life - dharma (spiritual duty), artha (financial fulfillment), kama (love and pleasure) and moksha (liberation). Each has to be followed through with discipline and practiced according to specific guidelines.

Here are the Ayurvedic guidelines for sex:

  • Sex is considered very important by Ayurveda, but it’s not meant to be just an instrument for pleasure. It believes that sex is a powerful union of body and soul that facilitates an exchange of energy between them, and for best results, there should be love, respect, and fidelity between the two partners.

  • Mindless and excessive sex can cause a weakening of the ojas (the immunity source of the body) and the apana vayu (downward flow of energy). But, sex between loyal and faithful lovers can strengthen not just these two, but the entire body, boosting immunity and promoting wellbeing.

  • Dharma should be maintained in all aspects of life, even sex. Giving in to temptation for bodily pleasure can lead you away from dharma.

  • Aphrodisiacs and vajikarana therapies play a very important role in Ayurveda. Couples are advised to partake aphrodisiacs to ignite their passion and boost virility before having sex. Post the act, they’re recommended rasayanas and vajikarana foods to restore their depleted ojas.

Ayurveda has long spoken about the importance of indulging in sex, but sensibly. Sexual union expands your consciousness and bring you closer to the divine. Sex is a sacred (and recommended) practice that should be undertaken with a mutual understanding of love, affection, and a emotional bond between the two partners.

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