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Treating Dark Circles And Wrinkles Around The Eyes With Ayurveda

The skin around the eyes has oil-producing sebaceous glands that keep it soft and supple. With age, the ability to produce oil decreases, which causes darkening of skin and wrinkles around the eyes. But, with this step-by-step ayurvedic treatment, you can fend off those unsightly wrinkles and dark circles and retain the sparkle in your eyes.

3 Ayurvedic Ways to Treat Dark Circle

  • Begin by gently massaging the area around the eyes with a toner. This hydrates the skin and prepares it for the next step. Rose water is an excellent toner. So is cucumber water. You can also use an herbal toner for this purpose.

  • Tarpana treatment is one of the most effective and efficient therapies in Ayurvedic eye care. In this, thick dough is prepared by mixing urad ke dal, boiled barley flour, and ghee (made from cow’s milk). The dough is then placed around the eyes in circles and ghee is poured inside it. The duration of the process depends on the intensity of dark circles.

  • The next and the last stage of the treatment is Snigdh Nasya. In this stage, two to three drops of ghee made from cow’s milk are poured into each nostril. This therapy hydrates the skin and reduces fine lines and dark circles.

Dark circles, premature wrinkles, and puffy bags under eyes are now a common problem among the stress-prone population of India. While Ayurveda suggests that they are caused due to the dominance of Vata and Pitta elements in the body, lack of proper sleep, excess exposure to laptops or phones, sinusitis, and protein deficiency can also lead to tired looking eyes. Therefore, along with this treatment, make sure to make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to keep these skin concerns at bay.

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