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Why is your partner frigid?

Happiness in conjugal life is based on an equal involvement of both partners in sex. In some cases, lack of interest or low libido in the female may be a roadblock to establishing intimacy. This is a psychological state of mind which is commonly known as frigidity.

In simple terms, frigidity is described as a condition in which the female experience difficulty in being aroused or remain emotionally cold despite the advances of the partner. This is more common than you may imagine, especially in females who live a high-stress life.

What are the reasons of frigidity?

Emotional coldness: Due to frictions or dormancy in sex, partners often become aloof and do not exhibit the sparks that are observed in a sexually active partnership. With time, the desire to engage in sex decreases significantly to a point when there is no sex at all.

Past emotional trauma: Emotional traumas are difficult to heal. If a couple has been through emotionally scarring experiences in the past, it may take them time to re-establish the closeness in their relationship.

Bad behaviour: Behavioural issues such as anger, stress or physical violence are known issues that can take very long to forget.

Physical Ailments or Special conditions: Loss of libido could also be caused by insomnia, vaginal dryness, medicinal side effects,

Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic treatment for frigidity starts with understanding the cause which could be multiple as we saw above. Depending on whether the cause is physical or psychological, appropriate treatment is administered.

This is done with the help of herbs, panchakarma, yoga and a specialized diet and lifestyle recommendations. For psychological reasons, proper counselling is also necessary besides medicines, diet and lifestyle corrections.

Some common dietary suggestions

  • Eat wholegrains instead of flour or polished rice

  • Increase nutmeg, jatamansi, garlic, shilajit which increase libido

  • Raisins, nuts and dried fruits are all helpful in maintaining good sex drive

  • Fresh fruit juices are also effective

  • Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol should be avoided

Home remedies for increasing sex drive

  • The root of the banyan tree can be made into a fine paste and consumed with milk for good results in libido.

  • Mix ashwagandha powder in half a cup of milk and drink daily

  • Place 1 cup milk in a bowl and add fine paste of 1-inch fresh ginger let it warm for some time. Add sugar as per your taste and drink once a day.

  • Massage your body with sesame oil every day to keep your nerves and muscles strong.

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