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2 Stress-busting and Concentration-boosting Asanas Women Will Love

Stress levels are high these days and women, especially, are under pressure as they try to manage their personal and professional life. Regular practice of yoga paves the way to better stress management.


  • Increased stress can lead to several health problems

  • It also affects concentration and ability to remember things

  • Simhasana helps stimulate the immune system and reduce stress and anger.

  • Garudasana improves concentration and imparts balance to the body.

In today’s time when stress lines are breaking new records everyday, yoga is your way to better stress management and improving concentration. Yoga improves and strengthens the immune system, stimulates muscles and improves concentration and a sense of balance. Mentioned below are two asanas that women should do everyday to deal effectively with the mental rigours of present-day society.

Simhasana (lion pose) is a beginner level asana that strengthens the lungs, throat and voice. This asana helps stimulate the immune system and helps reduce stress, frustration, and anger.

How to do the asana

  • Sit with your hips on your heels

  • Spread your knees such that it makes a ‘V’

  • Inhale and lengthen your spine

  • Exhale while stationing your palm onto the floor in front of you

  • Arch your spine

  • Look up and stick your tongue out

  • Inhale and roar like a lion

  • Repeat 2-5 times

Garudasana, also called the eagle pose, strengthens the ankles and calves, improves concentration and provides a sense of balance to the body. Women ailing with asthma or lower back pain should practice this pose regularly.

How to do the asana

  • Stand straight

  • Bend your knees slightly

  • Lift your left foot

  • With all your balance on your right foot, cross your left thigh over your right thigh

  • Adjust the top of your foot behind your lower calf

  • Lift your arms such that they are parallel to the floor

  • Bend your elbows and cross your arms, right above the left and join your hands

  • Press the palms against each other as much as you can

  • Hold the pose for 20-30 seconds

  • Unwind and transition back into your original pose

  • Repeat for the other side

To know more about Yoga and healthy lifestyle, consult a Jiva doctor today. Dial 0129-4040404 or click on ‘Speak to a Doctor’ under the CONNECT tab in the Jiva Health App.

To Know more , talk to a Jiva doctor. Dial 0129-4040404 or click on ‘Speak to a Doctor
under the CONNECT tab in Jiva Health App.




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