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3 Anti-Stress Food That Can Help You Control Anxiety And Depression

Stress is a part of our life and we can’t avoid it completely. We take medicines, remedies, do exercise to reduce stress. But many of us don’t know that there are certain food items that can also act at anti-stress medicine and including them in our everyday meal can be beneficial for our health. Below are 3 anti-stress food items that you can use in your everyday life to control your stress.

Cashew and Walnuts

Cashew and walnuts are loaded with healthy nutrients and has many health benefits.. They are a rich source of tryptophan, which is an essential amino acid for our body and help regulate our mood, improve sleep and can significantly reduce anxiety, stress and depression. Loaded with minerals and proteins, this should be a part of our everyday diet. Take 4-5 cashews or 1-2 walnuts with cow’s milk on empty stomach to strengthen the nervous system.


Do you know that tea can significantly reduce stress and is one of the best anti-stress foods to consume. Chamomile tea, ginseng tea and lavender tea are known to reduce exhaustion, stress, headaches and anxiety. These tea has many benefits and must be in your everyday consumption list.


Oatmeal is beneficial in producing serotonin hormone in our body which is a carbohydrate inducing chemical. There are few researches that says that carbohydrates helps our brain to produce serotonin and thereby oatmeal becomes one of the most preferred anti-stress food option.

Consume these food items everyday to fight against anxiety and depression, thereby maintaining a balanced stress level in your body.

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