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5 Common Joint Problems That You Should Be Aware Of

As we age, we face many health problems and one such common problem is weak joints. In Ayurvedic terms, Joint problems can be categorised as – Joint problem due to age-related wear and tear and accumulation of toxins (ama) along with imbalanced Vata Dosha.

Types of Joint Problems:

Rheumatoid Arthritis

This type of arthritis is usually an autoimmune disorder where the immune system of the body, which is meant to fight with the unwanted foreign bacteria, is disturbed and attacks the joints. This form of arthritis is common in the middle aged group, but patients getting treatment at Jiva Ayurveda are as young as 25-30 years old. Teenagers who have history of joint injury may also suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis.


This problem occurs due to the weakening of joint cartilage. Most of the people suffering from osteoarthritis are from the middle aged group or older. With proper maintenance, and Ayurvedic treatment, the pain and discomfort can be managed and prevented.


Vata Rakta or Gout is caused by excess of uric acid in the body. Symptoms include severe pain in joints. Excessive consumption of sour, salty, pungent or bitter foods causes Rakta Dhatu to become impure. Proper diet, medicines and Panchakarma therapies like Abhyanga, Pizhichil & Virechana are very effective in treating Gout. You can book your Panchakarma therapy session by calling 0129-4040404.

Joint Swelling

This may occur due to excess physical activity or an injury. It may cause the accumulation of a fluid in the joint tissues.

Paget’s Disease

This disease mostly occurs in old age people and can causes pain in skull, spine and pelvis area of our body. Caused due to the unwanted change in our bone tissue, people suffer from this chronic disease. In women, it is also the cause for breast cancer. Jiva Ayurveda provides customized and personalized treatment for all of these joint diseases. When not treated on time, it can lead to a long term disability. For proper diagnosis and treatment book a consultation with Jiva Doctor today!

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