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3 Important Lessons On Eating Healthy From Eternal Health

Health is the most precious belonging we have. Once health is lost, we cannot enjoy anything in life and all luxuries mean nothing. Ayurveda says, when all doshas are in balance you have perfect health. To keep doshas in balance there are certain guidelines suggested by Ayurveda. Diet is an important aspect of maintaining doshic balance and here are 3 important teachings of Dr. Partap Chauhan mentioned in his book Eternal Health.

Eat Consciously

What you eat makes you healthy or unhealthy and therefore you must choose your food wisely. To choose the right type of food for yourself, first you must understand your Prakriti. We have three doshas - Pitta, Vata and Kapha and one of these three is dominant. Understand which dosha is dominant in your body and choose foods that will balance that. Like our body, food also has these three doshas so if you choose a food that has same dominant dosha as your body, that dosha will become disbalanced and cause disease. To know your body Prakriti visit www.jiva.com/vpk and take the free Prakriti Analysis test.

Cut distractions while eating

This is easier said than done because even Ayurvedic doctors check their mobile phones in between meals! The immense amount of screens we have around us makes it difficult to remove them on the dining table but the sooner you do that the better. Keep the mohile phone on silent (without vibrations!) so that you can eat in peace. Do not stare at the TV while eating and do not even read the newspaper or any book while eating. When your mind is engaged with the TV or the mobile phone you forget to chew properly, as a result saliva does not mix well and the digestion process is hindered. Eat consciously in a silent environment and enjoy every bite of the food you eat.

Do not eat if you don't have the appetite

Skipping meals is not recommended if you have a good appetite. However, if you are angry, depressed, sad or not feeling well do not eat because this will cause indigestion. You can take a very light meal, drink a glass of fresh fruit juice or eat a fruit if you feel hungry. If you have been feeling angry or depressed for a long period of time, talk to a doctor to get advice.

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