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3 Sleeping Positions To Help Asthmatics Sleep Well

Several people with severe asthma find that the symptoms, like coughing, wheezing, and breathlessness, become worse during the night. Not only do they sleep fitfully, they also wake up the next day feeling drained and listless.

But don't let asthma rob you of your sleep. In addition to taking medicines prescribed by your Jiva doctor, there are several sleeping positions that can help asthma patients sleep well and feel better. Strictly nasal diaphragmatic breathing

Nasal diaphragmatic breathing is the essential criteria of good sleep. This light, slow, and inaudible breathing technique helps provide a higher body-oxygen content, which promotes restful sleep throughout the night.

Prone position

This position involves the patient lying on his stomach. It's considered beneficial because it improves oxygenation that further enhances the functional residual capacity of the lungs.

Supine position

The supine position means lying with the face and torso facing up. The position helps the body with sleep-related breathing disturbances and energises the body for slow breathing and good-body oxygenation. The supine position enhances your breathing capacity and proves to be effective in calming the body and the mind.

Sitting posture

As the name suggests, the position is achieved while sitting in a comfortable reclining chair. Sleeping in the this posture is ideal for asthmatics to sleep easy.

We hope you're able to solve your problem of not being able to sleep at night. For long-term relief from asthma, speak to a Jiva doctor today. By using a combination of Ayurvedic medicines, yoga asanas, and lifestyle changes, he will put you on the track to good health and wellbeing.

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