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4 Ayurvedic Cooking Principles to Pacify Pitta

Pitta is pacified by a diet of whole fresh foods that are cooling in nature, hearty, relatively dry and high in carbohydrates. Following the below-mentioned principles will help you create a diet that can help balance Pitta.

Favour cool over hot:

Raw foods tend to be naturally cooling, and a Pitta constitution can handle them better. So mixing an assortment of raw fruits and vegetables especially in the warmer months can be beneficial. Also, it is best to avoid hot dishes and foods with sharply warming energy, like caffeine-based drinks.

Emphasize on sweet & bitter tastes:

Bitter and sweet foods calm Pitta. So eat fruits like apples, grapes, zucchini, lettuce, cucumber, and cilantro, and reduce intake of alcohol, fried, oily, salty, spicy and sour foods. Instead of salt, use fennel seeds, coriander, fenugreek and fresh lime juice for seasoning.

Avoid oily or liquid food:

Since Pitta has a liquid nature, drying food like potatoes, oats, pasta, beans, and most vegetables are good to pacify it. Skip soupy meals and go in for dishes that are dense and dry, and reduce intake of heat generating food, like hard cheeses, nuts, sour cream, and olives.

Do not have food with very sharp taste:

Foods that have a particularly sharp flavor, like vinegar, pickles, and pineapples are not good for those who have aggravated Pitta dosha. Instead, switch to milder foods, like apples, watermelons, and cucumbers, which have a gentle taste. Avoid caffeine-based drinks, since they are too sharp for the Pitta constitution.

We are only as healthy as the food we put into our body. The simplest of modifications to our diet can yield big results. By following the principles we’ve outlined above, you will be able to pacify Pitta and restore balance to your body. Should the imbalance continue, you should consult a Jiva doctor and get yourself looked at.

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