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4 Practices that Promote Harmony Between the Mind, Body, and Soul

Ayurveda identifies three distinct components of a person - the physical (sthula sharir), the psychological (sukshma sharir) and the spiritual (karana sharir). The aim of Ayurveda is to bring all three aspects of our existence - the body, mind, and soul - into harmony, for which it prescribes the following 4 practices.

Healthy Diet:

Our forefathers believed that the process of digestion did more than convert food into energy for the body. By having food that had the right combination of the 6 tastes and 20 qualities, we were able to convert the intelligence of food into our own consciousness. That’s why Ayurveda places so much emphasis on the kind of food you can eat, and recommends that we have wholesome meals in a peaceful environment with a sense of gratitude in our hearts.


The Dincharya (daily lifestyle routine), as prescribed by Ayurveda, is synchronized with the cycle of the sun during the day. The regularity of the prescribed routine cleanses us, calms our mind, and sharpens our brain, thereby creating stability and personal balance.

Yoga & Pranayama:

The combination of yoga and pranayama impart strength and stability to the mind, body, and soul. The asanas increase flexibility, muscle tone, and joint mobility. Pranayama regulates the life force (prana) using breath control and clears the energy channels (nadis). This calms the nervous system and purifies the mind.


Meditation is the process of shifting awareness from the tangible physical body to the intangible spiritual body, or consciousness. By traveling beyond our physical form, we withdraw from sensory awareness and experience divine bliss (ananda).

By regularly incorporating these four practices into our lives, we can elevate our consciousness and move closer to understanding the purpose of our existence and become one with the cosmic intelligence.

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