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5 Lovely Thirst Quenchers That Are Backed by Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, water is symbolic of Soma - the nourishing and cooling quality of lunar energy. It has an effect on all three doshas - it cools and balances Pitta, supports Kapha, and hydrates the aridness of Kapha. While the numerous benefits of water are very well known, it can get somewhat boring to have just plain water all day long. So instead of reaching for that cold drink, here are some Ayurveda approved thirst quenchers you can have to keep yourself hydrated.

Mint Quencher:

Infuse chilled water with mint leaves, lemon juice and some melon seeds for a delicious drink. This not only balances Vata, but mint helps maintain respiratory and digestive health.

Rose Sherbet:

Flavor water with 2 rose buds, ¼ teaspoon saumph (fennel seeds) and laung (clove) for a beautifully colored drink that serves to balance Pitta. A huge benefit of consuming rose in the summer is that it helps balance the Sadhaka Pitta, which is the subdosha of the Pitta that governs emotions, and often gets unbalanced in the heat.

Basil and Ginger Lemonade:

Infuse water with 3 tulsi leaves (basil leaves) and a two thin slices of ginger for a refreshing drink that balances Kapha. Also, ginger is recommended for those with joint pain and to enhance the metabolism.

Chaanch (Buttermilk):

Lassi is heavy and Kapha forming. So replace it with fresh buttermilk, which is easy to digest and also gives you energy on the go. Chaanch restores the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract which is essential in the digestion of food.

Aam Panna:

This traditional mango drink is a natural iron supplement that keeps your digestive system disease free and healthy. The raw green mango used to make it increases Vata and Pitta, while the gur (jaggery) and jeera to the drink pacifies Vata to ensure it remains balanced.

Bypass sugary soft drinks and embrace and hydrate during the summer heat with these scrumptious and healthy drinks!

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