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5 Priceless Moral Values You Can Teach Your Child This Summer Vacation

Good moral values are like a compass. Any ship, no matter how well-built, will not reach its destination without a compass. For parents, there isn’t anything more precious than their children. Ayurveda considers complete health to be a combination of healthy body, mind, and soul. Besides good education and strong health, your children also need moral education to grow into successful and responsible adults. A strong foundation based on moral values will empower your kids to face the world and not bow to fear, anxiety, greed, or face guilt or shame for their negative actions. Here are 5 priceless moral values to teach your children this summer vacation that will help them in the long run.

1. Respect: Being respectful to seniors and peers is an important moral value that will help your child establish relationships. They will learn to respect their role in creating an environment of peace, harmony and cooperation in society, which is necessary to achieve goals.

2. Honesty: Honesty is the foundation of all human relationships. Dishonesty is also harmful for your child’s welfare because he or she may make mistakes and then hide them from you. Deceit, lies and fraud are detrimental to your child’s social standing and trust among his friends, schoolmates and teachers.

3. Politeness: Simple words like ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ go a long way. Wishing teachers and seniors in the family and community is a quality that promotes cooperation. Acts of politeness can do wonders in professional and personal life and the moral value of politeness is essential for your child to imbibe.

4. Determination: Strong determination to achieve a goal is very important in establishing the success of an individual. You can share great examples of men and women in our illustrious history who have become very successful in their fields of work with sheer determination. In the face of challenges, at school or personal life, examples from Indian mythology may give your child perspective and help them overcome obstacles.

5. Courage: Fear, anxiety and apprehension are some common emotions children experience when doing something new. It could be because of a strict teacher at school, inability to score well in a difficult subject or a peer who bullies others. Courage will help your kid face those challenges. The best way to teach courage to your child is to talk to them about it and set an example yourself.

Special Tip: The importance of moral values should not be undermined. It’s a great idea to teach your children through the help of interesting stories from Indian mythology. They usually attract children and keep them interested in what you have to say. Stories create a vivid picture in the mind of your child which makes it easy for them to understand and remember these moral values for life.

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