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5 Reasons Why Squatting Is the Best Position to Poop

Toxins are eliminated from the body as faeces, sweat and urine. Holding the urge to defecate (Purish Vega) is bad for health and increases the accumulation of ama (toxins) in the body. It is important to defecate daily and clear the accumulated toxins from the body, and squatting to defecate is the best position. Here are 5 reasons why that is true.

Faster and complete elimination:

The human body is designed to squat for the process of defecation. When you squat gravity works naturally, the colon becomes squeezed and the chest also pushes down – all of these have a combined effect of eliminating waste faster and completely.

No strain, lower risk of Piles:

Sitting on a modern toilet pinches the sphincter and prevents the process of elimination. On the contrary, if you sit in the squatting position, the anal canal becomes free to eliminate faeces. As a result, you do not have to strain and that reduces the risk of Piles by a lot. Maximizes intestinal pressure: Squatting brings the knees closer to chest and the thighs put pressure on the intestines and but relaxes the rectum so the flow becomes unobstructed and you feel lighter sooner.

No faecal stagnation:

Faecal Stasis is a problem in which some amount of faeces remain lodged in the rectum due to constipation and later becomes a serious hygiene problem. Squatting prevents this problem and ensure that there is no stagnation. Reduces chance of constipation: In the squatting position, the ileocecal valve closes which allows the colon to be fully pressurized. Also, the kinks in the rectum becomes straight. This pushes waste material downward and eases the process of defecation.

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