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5 Ritucharya Steps to Stay Healthy in Summer

A person can stay healthy and prevent diseases only if he or she knows what diets to consume according to the season and change the lifestyle accordingly. This is described in Ritucharya, an Ayurvedic guideline for all seasons.

Following these 5 Ritucharya steps will help you prevent summer health problems and stay healthy.

Prefer cool, sweet and unctuous foods:

In summer the sun draws up excess moisture, so prefer food that is sweet, unctuous and cool. Sweet mattha (buttermilk), ghee, milk, rice and old barley are good during summer. Sour, salted and fatty foods increase Pitta, which is naturally high at this time, so avoid food with these tastes. Gulkand, jam made of rose petals, is a cooling food that you can take in summers with milk or spread it on roti.

Mild exercise in the morning:

You can take a little walks out in the open during the morning hours before the sun becomes bright. Avoid physical exercises during the day, or evening when the heat is excess.

Taking rest during day and at night:

During the day when heat is high, prefer to rest indoors. During the night, sleep on the top the mansion where abundant air and moonlight cools you naturally.

Perfumes and anointments:

Sandalwood has cooling properties. When the heat is high, you can make a paste of sandalwood and apply on your forehead, face, neck, arms and chest, and wash off when it dries properly. You can also sprinkle sandalwood water once a while. Rose also cools you. Apply rose water on your face or bathe with water that is mixed with a few drops of rose water.

Limit Sexual Intercourse:

In summer, due to hot air and reduced moisture in air, the body becomes distressed and fatigued, as such indulging in sex can reduce energy even more, and raise body heat. Ayurveda recommends limiting sexual intercourse to preserve energy and stay healthy.

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